Ugliest Criminal In The World?

It’s been a while. Yes we have been busy but it’s also because we’re too lazy to do this blog lark when so many of us have our own to manage.

Anyway even though this story is from last year, seeing it again managed to lift the cloud of depression that engulfs us being back behind our desks and we thought it might do wonders for other depressed employees too.

Last year in Bolivia, a taxi driver called Rafael Vargas was murdered.

Fortunately for the police, a woman who lived in the area was able to draw a sketch of a man that she said killed the driver, before setting fire to him.

As is common in enquiries like this, the Police thought the best strategy was to utilise mass media to try and get the public to smoke the guilty parties out.

Amazingly the strategy worked and 2 suspects were arrested shortly after the news media released the dramatic clip featuring theatrical soundtrack and a booming voice asking, “HAVE YOU SEEN THIS MAN”.

Now you may be wondering why I say ‘amazingly’ the strategy worked …

Well for that, you have to watch the clip and pay special attention to the ‘photo fit’ that went along with the appeal.


How funny is that eh?

With the head shaped like a rugby ball, the lips sliding to one side, the phallic nose, the missing ears and the very, very, very bad hair day – it’s little surprise it has been labeled both the work of a 5 year old and the worst photofit picture in the history of crime fighting.

How the police caught anyone with such a disastrous image is beyond me … however if we were the lawyer of the arrested individuals, we think we would stand a very good chance of being able to get them off.

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