Proof Reading Can Make A Big Difference To A Brand …

Here’s a sign we saw in a hotel lift in Singapore …

Can you see the issue?

First line: “Hotel Re! is pround …”


Do they mean ‘proud’ … well why didn’t they say that.

When you’re a business whose currency is attention to detail and customer service – ie: hospitality – spelling mistakes should be like hyper-colour t-shirts… a thing of the past.

If they actually had provided a quality of service that made me feel ‘catered for’, maybe we could have overlooked it – but when we walked into our room and found 3 single beds, no working light and a shower that needed to be turned on 15 minutes before we went in [not together we should add], then the spelling mistake took on a much greater significance, one that simply and effectively undermined all their hard work in developing a marketing myth.

We’ve said it many times but experience thrashes words, and whilst one mistake might be excusable, multiple ones aren’t – and in this day and age, for that to happen, it should be the result of either a freak accident or something the company is willing to over-compensate for.

Getting a sale is relatively easy, keeping the client is the hard – and most important – thing, something Hotel Re has failed to do on all counts.

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