Lost In Execution …

There’s quite a lot of ads out there trying to attract people to join a particular industry.

The Police … Armed Forces … Finance Industry … they, and many others, are all spending up big in an attempt to get people to sign up.

Obviously with an aging workforce and a declining birth rate, companies don’t want to find themselves in a situation where there is a sudden gap between what they have and what they need – however with ever decreasing numbers entering the workforce [and an inherent snobbery regarding who many organisations will and will not take] the battle for the employee is hotting up.

Some industries obviously find the task of recruitment much easier than others …

The banking sector is in a particularly strong position.

Not only can they offer the potential [students of the World, note the word: POTENTIAL] of untold riches – via ever increasing annual bonuses [even when they lose trillions] – they offer, or at least “did”, the benefit of being seen as a highly regarded and intellectually based career.

For organisations like the Police and Armed Forces it’s much tougher.

Ignoring their jobs involve elements of real danger, they just don’t stand a chance of competing interms of cash … so they counter by talking about things like ‘honour’ and ‘respect’ or any other marketing euphemism that means ‘dodgy pay / dangerous job / terrible hours’.

However there is a huge range of organisations that are stuck in the middle.

They can’t offer the pay of an industry like corporate finance … and they can’t offer the respect of something like nursing … so they focus on the fact their industry is in much demand so by signing up, you could end up travelling the World.

There’s loads of industries that use this strategy – hairdressing, accountancy, building – and they all end up creating crappy and pretentious ads like this …

However recently we saw a rather strange version of this ‘you could end up in all sorts of new places’ strategy … and we have to say we’re not so sure they’ve got it right.

Now we don’t know if it’s because the Maersk Group originally hail from Denmark or whether they just have a really bad grasp on where people aspire to go … but we really don’t think telling people they could end up in the middle of the sea … hundreds of miles from anywhere … on an relatively small structure … most likely overrun by mass of [drunken?] blokes … dealing with a dangerous and volatile substance … in the freezing cold … day and night … away from your family … with few entertainment options … for months at a time … is going to do it.

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