Corporate Communication Theft

The new SONY Bravia ad from Bates Asia …

[Now compare that to Balls or the Guinness ad that ripped off the Honda Cog commercial which was probably inspired by the Miller Lite spot]

Too many agencies think that because they’re on one side of the World, they can get away with ripping off ads from the other side of the World.

Maybe someone should tell BATES Asia [who made it] there’s this thing called the ‘internet’ where at the tap of a few buttons, people can find out how unoriginal you really are.

BATES obviously don’t care as they have the audacity to make a ‘MAKING OF‘ clip to go with it …

[You have to watch it, it features some of the most corporate toady comments you’ve ever heard!]

We’re all for being a magpie and taking great learning’s and ideas from others to make something greater elsewhere – but this is just ridiculous.

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