Adlands Shame Or Adlands Humour?

So out in Asia, there’s an advertising magazine called Campaign Brief.

It’s highly regarded – especially amongst creatives – because it publishes an annual chart rating all the creatives in the region.

Of course the system is highly flawed but no one really minds as most in adland love to be praised – even if it’s thanks to work that never really got produced except for the odd award shows.

Anyway, this years most awarded creative is a guy called Roger Makak who works at Saatchi’s.

Roger has earnt his title because he’s been involved in almost every award winning ad Saatchi’s have produced over the past few years – except there’s a slight little problem – Roger’s a monkey.


No we’re not being racist – and we should say ALLEGED monkey – however the rumour is this Roger Makak is actually a figment of Saatchi’s imagination, designed to either [1] take the blatant piss and/or [2] help improve Saatchi’s overall regional agency ranking.

Now if this is infact true, then we have to admit it’s very funny – however if we ran Campaign Brief, we’d be extremely pissed off because what Saatchi’s may have done is call into question the whole of the magazines credibility – and not just for this year, but for every year they’ve acknowledged Roger as a top creative.


Again we have to point out this is only ‘alleged’ – it could easily be all bollocks – however something tells us there’s more to this than meets the eye, afterall it has happened in other industries before!

Mystery Man Photo: 2757

Oh, and the reason why I say Roger is a monkey is because the one published photo of the [alleged] guy features him with a monkey upon his shoulder. 

Given the mindset of creatives, we think this is all some in-joke – letting people assume Roger was the human when in reality Saatchi’s meant the monkey was the talented one  – which sort of ties into how many agencies view and treat their creative teams!

If this is true I don’t think Saatchi’s should expect any positive write-ups in Campaign Brief for the next oooooooh 100 years.

Well done for biting the hand that feed you, even if it’s career limiting to the extreme :)

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