Smirnoff Are To ‘Understated’ What Jordan Is To ‘Sophistication’


Look at Smirnoff’s new packaging.

What makes us laugh is that they try and claim they are all about puritywhen there’s 60 year old, plastic-surgery ‘tweaked’, Versace wearing, Bvlgari dripping, leather skinned woman in L.A. who are more ‘pure’ than they could ever hope to be.

lots of absolut!!

Maybe Smirnoff need to take some lessons from Absolut – because even when they purposefully do ‘bling’ – they still pull it off with style and flair.

Not only does this demonstrate the importance of packaging in the purchase decision it also shows how clever Absolut were/are, because not only have they built a clear and concise brand identity, but they have ensured it is [physically] attractive to the environments that [1] will give them sales distribution/success as well as [2] enhances/cements the brands reputation with a particular consumer set.

That’s better comms thinking than most media shops could ever hope to achieve.


Too many people regard design as ‘eye candy’ – but in the right hands, it can overcome fundamental business problems – and whilst you may see this as a post-rationalised strategy [and it probably is] when you compare it to the mess that is Smirnoff, you can’t help but feel the guys behind Absolut are far more ‘aware’ of what will make them successful than their Diageo counterparts.

Now if only their bloody ad campaigns were as good …


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