Brand Extention Madness …

Have a look at this …


For those of you who can’t see what we’re on about … it’s SanDisk’s licensing of Ducati Motorcycles for their ‘Extreme’ range of SD Cards.

SD cards … those little things you can now place in almost anything electronic for added memory storage!

OK … so they’re obviously trying to link the speed of a Ducati motorbike with the speed of their, errrrrrrm computer data cards … but come on, how rubbish is that?

No doubt SanDisk paid a small fortune to Ducati for the privilege of using their name and yet there are so many other ’speedy things’ they could of associated with for a fraction of the cash …


Women In A Shoe Sale

A Fat Kid In A Cake Shop

Ducati 999

Our personal fave of Sandisk’s ‘Extreme’ range is a USB memory card that resembles a motorbikes petrol tank.

No, we’re not joking.

And apart from the fact it would immediately label you a complete twat … it’s so bulky that it defies the logic of portable memory storage!

We’re willing to bet that the person who brokered this deal is a mad Ducati fan and did this in the hope of either …

[1] Getting a free bike


[2] Just being able to hang around like the bike groupie he/she obviously is

At least when LG do alliances with brands like Prada, Armani and soon-to-be-announced Rolex, there’s some logic to the dalliance [even if it almost always benefits LG more than the other brand partner] – however when brands like Sandisk [and pretty much any tech company that associates with Ferrari] do it, you can’t help but feel it’s done more for the ego of the CEO/Marketing Director than liberating the brand.

So if you’re a shareholder in a company that suddenly announces it is doing a major strategic alliance, we recommend you look carefully at the specific people involved in forging the deal – because you might just find the only strategy involved is the one that benefits the individual rather than the company as a whole. :)


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