Transformers Could Educate FMCG …

transformers movie optimus prime

What if we pressured companies to stop talking about re-cycling and the environment … and pushed them to change their packaging so it could be used in an alternate manner when finished with?

We’re not talking about something crappy like a poopa-scooper or paper plate …  but something that has real desirable appeal, appropriate to the individual brands consumer.

We know some brands out there do it … but it is still the exception and even then, quite often only part of a short-term promotion.

The thing is, it’s all too easy for brands to ‘talk’ about being ‘environmentally conscious but it doesn’t really mean much unless they prove it.

OK … making packaging recyclable is a good start, however [1] its often a small gesture and [2] the responsibility of the ’recycling’ is still primarily on the shoulders of the ‘user’.

Maybe if we pushed companies to think more interms of REUSABLE rather than RECYCLABLE, then we’d be helping the environment [and the brand] to a far greater level than many of the current corporate practices could ever hope for.


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