Who Are You?

We live by 4 simple rules to evaluate ‘creative work’… 

1 What are we trying to say?

What is the objective of this piece of communication?

2 Who are we trying to say it to?

What sort of person do we need this communication to relate to?

3 Is the work answering points 1 & 2?

Is the communication conveying the key message / attitude change you need to happen to the audience you need it to happen to? [ie: is it true to the consumer insights?]

4 Is the work being conveyed in an interesting way?

Is the work bold, interesting and exciting? Is it different from the category conventions?  Are the creatives genuinely excited about it?

Sure there are other things you’ll look at / consider [including the fact any ‘issues’ should have been sorted out with the client and wider team prior to the brief being put in] … but for us, these 4 points are the cornerstone of ensuring you are doing something great rather than just falling into the trap of self indulgence / client ease mode.

The goal is to get to a point where the work [and strategy] is ‘SCARY GOOD’ – if its just comfortable, then why the hell would you think a cynical consumer / creative is going to give a damn about it?

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