The Best Ideas Are When You Understand People …

Look at the letter below [with emphasis on the section highlighted] and see how REAL CONSUMER INSIGHT was turned into something that truly motivated a change in consumer action/opinion.

To us, this is a wonderful example of solving a clients business problem through the power of creativity.

Brilliant isn’t it!

And this was not a one off in great thinking. Years ago Channel 5 bought some advertising hoardings at a European Football Match which was being shown on ITV.  On each one it said in big, bold letters, “The Match On Channel 5 Is Much Better”.

The sad truth is too many agencies jump straight to the pretty pictures, the fancy words and the creative ideas before understanding just what is needed – both by the client and the consumer. 

Unless we get back to how we used to think and work, our industry will continue on its downward trajectory to destruction and as we all have mortgages to pay, we ask you to help make things better – because as you can see from the Channel 5 examples, it’s not that hard really!


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