Terrorism Changes Little Things …

In Bangkok airport, we noticed a rather interesting – yet astoundingly practical – evolution to the common rubbish bin.

Yep, it’s see-through.  So bloody obvious eh?!

We remember a friend of ours who was a soldier in Ireland – and he said the thing he was most scared of were rubbish bins because you never knew what was hiding in them. We wonder how many lives would have been saved it they had simply moved from bins of solid colour to bins of transparency?  Can’t of been that hard to do could it?

Anyway, this is another example of what we call ‘practical innovation’.

At the heart of all these is the need to answer a particular issue/problem.

There are a couple of examples we particularly love …

1. The photocopier was invented by a guy at a US patent office who was fed up of having to fill in the same form over and over again.

2. Our mate Ian created the see-through shoe box because he saw his wife constantly hunting through her shoe boxes to find the right pair for the outfit she was wearing.

3. The ‘Trim Trolley’ that Tesco’s created [again, thanks to Ian] to help time-poor women get fit by making the trolley have variable resistance levels.

Great eh!

So isn’t it sad so many people in advertising talk about channel-neutral solutions and then end up solving their clients problems always via an ‘ad’?

And isn’t it disappointing that so many clients talk about wanting agencies to solve their business problems then only allow them to do a TVC?

This industry needs a great big fucking wake-up call … and we include those clients with 1950’s philosophies as to how to market to consumers.

We actually still believe advertising is an important force in business … hardly any other area [bar product development – which has been the driving force for brand growth over the last 5-8 years] can match it for helping create an ‘image memory’ into the minds of existing/potential consumers.  However unless more people and agencies start backing this up with practical solutions to clients/consumer needs – then we’re going to end up being more frustrated, restricted and humiliated than we ever thought possible.


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