Arrogance In Advertising. Again.

We just came across this ad for ‘BROTHER Colour Printers’ in Singapore …

Can someone … anyone … tell us what the fuck the people behind this were thinking???

Lets look at the copy of the ad again …


Like twins who understand eachother completely, we know you best. Especially your need to complete various tasks quickly and efficiently. Brother is the brand you can depend on.

WHY do they know us best.

If they think all we actually care about in life is completing tasks quickly and efficiently, then they need their heads kicking.

With this level of arrogance, the only thing we can rely on Brother for is patronising, condescending, mindless, misguided, self-important, dillusionary stupidity!

This is a perfect example of what is going wrong in corporate land … a complete lack of understanding of your place/role in people’s lives and minds … and as far as we’re concerned, the people who briefed it, wrote it, approved it and booked it, should all be shot, cut up into little pieces and then chucked into the sewer where they belong.

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