Beware Of Product Labels …

So one of the PLF guys went to a Christmas party at the weekend and there was one of those ‘Pick A Random Present From Under The Tree’.

Even though it was one of those ‘Marketing Parties’, apparently most of the presents were pretty good – infact some people picked gifts they really, really liked [this was before anyone had chosen our members ‘donation’ of ‘Michael Bolton Sings His Favourite Christmas Carols’ CD]

Anyway, when it came to his turn, he ripped open the wrapping to find he’d chosen an iPOD protective cover as his ‘gift’.

Not bad … not bad …

Sure, he already had a cover, but with Apple launching iPODs like George Bush launches wars, he thought it could come in useful at some time in the very near future.

Mind you, as the box stated it held an elegant and practical accessory, he considered just chucking away his current cover and using this one instead  – afterall, he likes elegant and practical!

Except there was one problem …

That’s right, rather than finding a cover of style and sophistication, he found a case that best resembled the sort of suit Simon Le Bon would wear in the 80’s. 

What sick and depraved designer would create such a monstrosity?

What sick and depraved idiot would buy such a monstrosity?

What sick and depraved tosser would use such a monstrosity?

… but most of all, what sick and depraved copywriter, would use the words “ELEGANT and PRACTICAL” in their description of this Tiger-striped bit of rubber?

Holy fuck, even Stevie Wonder would stay away from something this ugly – and while he could use it as an ironic statement against societies desperation to always ‘associate themselves’ with aspirational fashion brands [however ridiculous it may look to the outside World] he decided to put it back and give it to someone else.

I suppose it’s no different to agencies like JWT, Grey and Y&R who all say they are creative and then produce complete and utter tat – but at least that is something we could argue the client ‘deserves’ – this is just a crime against societies eyes!

So to whoever is behind it – 10 points for cheekiness, 0 points for desirability.

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