Has The Show ‘Changing Rooms’ Ruined Creative Agencies Reputation?

As we know, there is a growing trend amongst corporations to hire an Ad Agency and then dictate/change everything that has been done, to meet their own [quite often misguided or plain wrong] standards or vision.

So we were giving this some thought and wondered if programs like ‘Changing Rooms’ have added to distrust between client and agency.


Well given some of the rooms the so called ‘Interior Design Experts’ [read: Creatives] change are unmitigated disasters – maybe the public [and brand managers / marketing directors] subliminally believe that …

1. Creatives don’t understand reality.

2. People believe they can do a much better job themselves.

3. Creativity isn’t that hard [because when they get it right, it’s only cost about 500 quid]

4. Creativity is cheap [because when they get it right, it’s only cost about 500 quid]

5. Creative is based on the superficial [because the materials they use are cheap and nasty, even if they look good]

Just a thought … but why else would so many believe they are the ones with the creative talent and consumer understanding to make their brand and campaign a total success?

And don’t think subliminal prejudices don’t exist … if you were arrested of murder and there were 2 identical lawyers available to hire: who would you choose – the one with the posh London accent or the one with the thick Birmingham accent? Exactly!

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