World’s First Unhealthy, Health Menu …

For those who can’t read it properly, Macca’s have started offering Garden Salad, Apple and Sweetcorn on their Singaporean menus.

All good eh? 

Well sort of … except Macca’s then go and ruin it by selling the Garden Salad with ‘1000 Island Dressing’, the Apples with Caramel Sauce’ and the Sweetcorn with ‘Butter’.

Jesus … they just can’t help themselves can they???? 

OK, so Macca’s in Asia hasn’t copped as much crap as in Western Markets, but the diet out in Asia is far from healthy – despite what many say – and this sort of thing is hardly conducive to Macca’s global attempt to ‘clean up their image’. 

Looks like the Corporate Global/Local Fuck-Up Fairy has struck again!


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