First Impressions …

So some of the PLF were in Sydney looking to buy a house when on their travels, they came across this wonderfully-awful street name.

Who the hell comes up with these names? 

Does no one at the council [or whoever decides these things] think that it might put people off living there?!

OK, so it’s probably as aspirational street address for Accountants and Tax Agents – but to those of us in the real World, it’s about as tempting as a Mariah Carey concert.

We’d love to know whether there’s evidence that house value can be negatively affected by bad street names – because we can honestly say they’d have to pay us to live on that street.

Which cleverly leads us to another issue … the importance of font-design.

Believe it or not, but this is a very, very, very expensive jeweller located inside Singapore Airport.

Apart from the name of the shop being unbelievably naff … the logo design is so disgusting that you fully expect it to be a ‘everything for a pound’ type of shop.

As much as designers have an astounding ability to talk like everything has hidden layers and complexity – they are sooooooo right when they explain that font-design has an amazing ability to deliver a brand perception image to consumers.

Just imagine how differently you would look at this shop if the font-design conveyed elegance, sophistication and exclusivity – rather than the Fisher Price, 1982 look it has now.

So next time you are working on something new … don’t ignore the importance of names and design.  That doesn’t mean you have to get all scientific about it – just use abit of bloody common-sense and you’ll be alright!

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