This Is An Idea [Agencies And Clients Take Note!]

Why hadn’t someone thought of this before?

It’s a far more creative idea than most ad agencies come up with – even though they bang on about how they’re the real experts in this field. 

To be fair, it’s not just the ad agencies fault [well, not always] … the clients have to take some of the responsibility as well, because as much as they claim they want ideas, in the main, all they want is an ad!

Anyway, have a look at this simplistic genius of an idea and understand big opportunities are everywhere if you opens your eyes. 


Ricardo Solutions’ 28-inch Expandable Suiter Pullman w/Built-in Scale

Ricardo Elite Solutions’ built-in digital scale enables travellers to avoid airline overweight monetary penalties.

The revolutionary new design can assure you have stayed under the weight maximums established by both domestic and international airlines.Large, easy-to-read, digital numbers on top of the pullman suitcase display pounds or kilograms quickly and automatically shuts off after fifteen seconds.The long-life batteries can weigh your luggage about 1800 times – if we were all so lucky to travel for leisure this often!


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