Brown Is Never The New Black [Despite What They Say!]

 [Louis Vuitton]



Kate Moss is doing pretty well for herself again isn’t she!

After all the talk of fashion labels dropping her because of her much publicised drug issue, she seems to be back as the ‘chosen one’.

Funny thing is, she’s now whoring herself for so many ‘labels’, you have to ask whether the brands she’s representing are getting the level of ‘impact/association’ they wanted/thought they’d get.

The 3 ads above were all on consecutive pages of a major fashion mag … which not only meant you noticed Kate Moss more than the brand, but sort of showed that clients paranoia of being too closely associated with competitors is a complete and utter sham. At least where the fashion industry is concerned.

Don’t know why that surprises us really … especially after a very, very, very, very bad experience with GUESS [who admittedly aren’t ‘high fashion’] and another starlet who’d go to the opening of an Apple Pie, Paris Hilton. 

Oooooh, we’re still so bitter, haha! [Thanks to Rob for this entry!]

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