There’s A Thin Line Between Clever Or Stupid …

Look at this ad encouraging a ‘balanced diet’ from Coca-Cola, Cadbury Schweppes and Pepsi.

Putting aside the fact this is obviously a blatant attempt to pre-empt any media attacks once the movie ‘FAST FOOD NATION’ comes out, we love it that Cadbury Schweppes seems to be the ‘peace maker’ between the two ‘cola’ arch enemies.

We can’t decide if we like this idea for Monopoly. 

I mean, this version is basically the same as all the ‘classic versions’, it’s just the board now reflects today’s property prices and the ‘players pieces’ are based on modern day aspirational icons.

Genius or another excuse for consumer wallet hi-jacking? 

We must admit we’re torn bet there is something about it we really think is clever – which is more than can be said about the ad.


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