Why We Sometimes Loathe Ad Agencies … UPDATE

From Media Magazine: M&C Saatchi Asia-Pacific president and CEO Kim Walker has issued a comprehensive apology for three mock ads created by an art director at its New Delhi office, which have drawn fierce criticism on the internet.

The images, which depict the World Trade Center, Hiroshima and Bhopal tragedies, appear as ads for skincare client VLCC, along with the strapline “Some scars never go.” The art director responsible for creating and uploading the work – Chaman Singh – has since been fired by the agency, while the offending work has also been removed from the website. Walker also stated that VLCC had absolutely no knowledge of the work.

“M&C Saatchi is mortified and disgusted by these so-called ads and despite not having any participation in their creation, apologises for the understandable revulsion from those who see them“.

Nice to see the time honoured tradition of ‘Passing The Buck’ is alive and well in advertising. Of course no one in his agency had any knowledge of the ads … I mean, we all know how quiet and secretive creative people are. At least justice prevailed but if I was VLCC, I’d sue because people will remember the ads far longer than the apology!

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