Singapore Is A Scardy Cat.

So the IMF are in Singapore – and as we mentioned in a previous post, Singapore is demonstrating it’s total aversion to counterpoints-of-view by simply ‘eliminating’ the issue from ever raising its ugly head.

However the interesting thing is both the International Monetary Fund (IMF) AND the World Bank have told Singapore they’re not doing the right thing, especially as they had been told a limited number of activists would be allowed to attend the meeting.

According to the BBC, the World Bank is said to be “very displeased” with Singapore’s decision to bar 28 activists from the country.

They [and the IMF] argue the presence of pressure groups is key to improving the work of financial institutions.

“The most unfortunate thing is what appears to be a going-back on an explicit agreement,” World Bank chief Paul Wolfowitz told about 50 activists in Singapore ahead of the annual meetings. So far we’ve had no satisfactory explanation why,” he added.

The institutions added that they were particularly unhappy with the bans as they had signed an open access agreement in 2003.

“We work with these representatives of civil societies, and we value their role – even when we disagree with what they say,” a statement from the World Bank added.

Singapore had banned public protests for the duration of the IMF and World Bank meetings amid concerns they could lead to violence and damage to property. Following this ban, pressure groups and non-governmental organisations decided they would demonstrate on Batam Island – a small Indonesian island located close to Singapore by boat.

However, because Singapore desperately aims to please any country/government/institution that has financial power … they have quickly set aside an indoor area where the activists can gather and express their views. 

Trouble is it’ll probably become a little cramped as it is only an eight metre by eight metre square.

Gawd bless the Singapore Government … we bet they’re totally scratching their heads – unable to understand why any organisation would actually welcome views from people totally opposed to their own.

Maybe we can help …

You see it’s called democracy – something you preach but don’t always practice. 

However, to be fair to them, the organisation of the conference is bloody brilliant – and another great example of how in some circumstances, a dictatorship totally rocks!


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