When Crap Is Sold As Gold

So we were on a Qantas plane this weekend, flicking through their ‘Duty Free’ mag when we came across this, errrrrrm, brilliant ‘Football Clock’.

OK, so it’s obvious that some bloke had a bunch of cheapo digital clocks and plastic footballs lying around his factory and decided to glue them together … but rather than sell them as cheap, plastic tat … the copywriter decided to come up with this amazing description.

OK, so we have no idea why it he called it a ‘HUMPTY’ clock … nor do we know why it gets you into the ‘Soccer Fever’ [other than a super-basic digital clock sits on a crappy, mini-football] but for sheer effort, we reckon this deserves an award. 

Any other examples of pointless rubbish being sold with a totally inappropriate write up?


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