Sexism Isn’t Sexism, When It Involves Female Brands

Have a look at this awful, awful, awful DM campaign from skincare company, Imedeen.


[The words say: “My secret to be beautiful skin?  I swallow”]

What on earth were they thinking?  It’s about as subtle as a cucumber down a pair of cycle shorts!! 

And contrary to what you may think … it wasn’t ‘approved’ by a sad, sexist bloke who gets his sexual kicks from this sort of rubbish … it was a new-Mum that said ‘Yes’ to this crap.

I don’t know if they are trying to be young, cheeky or mischievous – but whatever they are, they are suffering from an alarming lack of judgement.

The thing that especially annoys us is that if this was for a male product, they’d be universal outrage about it – but because it’s for a female brand, people will just put it down to ‘bad taste’.  

We demand equal opportunity sexism!!!

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