Humbleness or Ego? That’s the question.

Humbleness and modesty won’t get you anywhere in the business world. Especially not in the creative industry. And although the P.L.F may not be a humble church, we believe there are limits to how far individuals and companies should go in expressing their insatiable egos. The ad industry doesn’t really lead by example. We all know that. Just look at the number of agencies named after its fame-craving founders for example.

Today, our hypothesis that everything remains completely unchanged in this regard was validated.  

In Confucian Asia, more than anywhere else, people need, actively seek out and admire “leaders” (masters) to guide them in various areas/stages of life. It’s the classic master-student relationship that manifests itself in family, work and other contexts. Marketing directors and brand-owners also want leaders they can rely on. However, they don’t always distinguish the self-proclaimed from the natural and great ones. This observation can be harnessed to your advantage if you’re an entrepreneur in the creative industry. Whilst you would have to pay a rather high price in the West as Western society is plague-ridden with the tall poppy syndrome. In Asia, however, you may just find that a massive ego trip may keep you laughing all the way to the bank. 

You’ve got to give it up for Joe in Singapore. Joe works as a brand consultant and is one of those guys who wears suits, writes lots of impressive Powerpoint slides and has “proprietary” methodologies that work almost like magic. Joe’s mystification of Asian branding (as Joe will tell you that it’s totally different from anything you know about branding) and the 5-7 stage processes Joe employs make people admire Joe even more. Can you imagine…..a seven stage brand consulting process!!!!!! Respect. 

People absolutely love Joe. Check out Joe’s humble online dwelling place here:    


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