Shittier Than A Shitty Shit.

We have just been subjected to one of the worst credit-card ads EVER!

In the commercial, a young man [dressed to show he is ‘cool and successful’] is seen drooling over a Harley Davidson motorbike. 

After a short while, you see him reach into his pocket and whip out a platinum credit card to buy the machine.

However, in true advertising style, there’s a twist … [but not quite as good as the one from the ‘6th Sense’ movie!]

You see, the bike isn’t actually for the young man, he has bought it as a present for his wonderful Dad.

Brilliant?  Not quite … more like a great big heaving pile of shit! Why on earth do they [the client and their agency] believe this crap will actually work?  Thing is, we believe they have completely missed the point … or their ego has made them miss the point … because people with Platinum credit cards have them for one purpose – to prove to themselves [and others who see them with it] that they are successful.

They don’t have an ‘emotional connection’ with the company behind the card, they just have an emotional connection with the prestige they believe the card gives them.

No one really likes banks … they are, like advertising – a necessary evil – and no amount of advertising is going to change that unless …

[A] Banks actually do something for customers [which is about as rare as Rocking Horse Shit] or  

[B] They are honest about who they are and what they do [Like the ‘Money Is The Root Of All Happiness’ campaign that was done for Egg!]

So to the idiots behind this campaign … grow up, stop believing people will ‘love you’ and get on with what you’re good at … making money for yourselves and occasionally, your customers.

‘F’ … go to the back of the class!

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