Why Is Advertising Like A Wonderbra?

Look at this bus for Singaporean Shopping Centre, The Concourse. 

With pictures of balloons, teddies, masks, mobile phones, flowers and a tagline, “Where The Celebration Begins!” – surely it’s a one-stop-shop for happiness!?

Ahem,  No it isn’t.  When you actually get to it, you are faced with this!

This photo was taken at lunch time – a period where most shopping centres are overwhelmed with the bustle of people – however at The Concourse Shopping Centre, they had 47 customers in the whole place!

In short, it was a cold, empty, sterile and bloody boring place where the only ‘celebration’ was when we saw the EXIT sign. 

Companies must learn that brand experience HAS TO meet brand promise!  It is getting to the point that one of the biggest dangers to business is not R&D, distribution or marketing budgets … it’s company ego – where customers viewpoints and needs are ignored in favour of saying whatever they want to hear or believe. 

Stop it – it’s not big, it’s not clever and it’s not going to help you stay in business.

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