What Do HR Departments Actually Do?

In this great article from the Australian Newspaper, The Age [click here] … it seems, not alot because ultimately, they have little political and financial power so are more about ‘maintaining the status quo’ than changing it.

Great companies are not about processes, they are about people … so having a department that represents employees hopes, dreams and aspirations makes commercial sense … but if all that department actually does is handle ’annual evaluation forms’ and ’holiday leave’ then what they are actually doing, is showing their employees that they don’t really value them at all.

Sure it is difficult if you have tens of thousands of people in your company … but until HR starts to attract people who not only want to make a difference, but have the power to do it [like an internal Union – but one that isn’t focused just on working conditions and salaries] – then they’re going to continue to be about as effective [and as trusted] as a local government planning department.

If you really care about your staff [as most corporate mission statements claim] then do something for them that helps, not something that ultimately frustrates!


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