Enough About Me. What Do You Think Of Me.

Yesterday a PLF member pitched for a piece of business against a mate of his who is a planner at a Multinational agency.

After the pitch they caught up and talked about what they presented and interestingly, they were completely different approaches. [‘Which proves that there is no such thing as only ‘one solution’]

However – and this is without doubt going to sound like sour grapes by him – his friends idea [which to be fair to him, he admitted] was formulated to appeal to the ego of the client whereas our PLF members idea was about nurturing a cultural movement.  [Yes, we know it sounds wank, but it was – and the insight was apparently a corker!]

Hence he won’t win the business and his multinational-working friend, most definitely will.

Of course he doesn’t blame his mate …  he knows the idea that was presented does make sense [both from answering the brief and keeping the clients ego, ‘puffed up’] … it’s just that the concept is dated, self-indulgent and TV orientated and that sort of thing drives him nuts, especially when the insights showed something fresh, involving and demonstrative would work more powerfully.

So here is another example of why we must educate people on the value of creativity … because as much as many marketing managers believe they are ‘protecting their brand’, they are actually stopping it from growing.

We leave you with this gem from Billy Connolly.

The Queen thinks the World smells of fresh paint because wherever she goes, 40 feet infront of her are a bunch of people desperately painting the walls to ensure she see’s everything in the best possible light.

If people really, really, really love working with sycophants, may we suggest they go here, and download ‘Al Morale’ – he should keep them happy!

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