Work Is A Four Letter Word.

This is a genuine story as detailed by Scamp on his blog

It is bloody scary and whilst we don’t know what the Account Director said to upset the client so much, it does show that for all companies talk about staff being their greatest asset, when the chips are down, many of them view their people as nothing more than a trashable commodity.

No wonder so many employees feel zero loyalty to the place they work – and with CEO’s and Clients like this, who can blame them. 

J****, an account director at our agency, was in a meeting last week when the client nipped out and called our agency’s chairman to say: “I want this guy off my business. Today.” The chairman sent his PA into the meeting and pulled the account director out, and then fired him.

Within 10 minutes of the client’s call, J**** had left the building.

To think I joined this business ‘cos I heard it was fun …


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