Fresh Ideas Are Everywhere …

Many people in marketing and advertising are on a quest for what they call the ‘big idea’.  It’s like the Holy Grail for business and yet, in our experience, most organisations wouldn’t know one if it smacked them in the face.

You see, we believe big ideas are all around us … you just have to take the blinkers off.

In the US, the Bank Of America has launched what we think is a truly big idea … and it’s something any bank could have had if they’d opened their eyes.

Research showed people on a budget tended to mentally ’round up’ their purchases to the nearest dollar to ensure they never overspent on their weekly/monthly allowance. Infact, doing this meant they’d often have abit of money left in the budget which they could use in the next period of spending.

So the Bank Of America launched an account where every purchase made is AUTOMATICALLY rounded up [by the bank] to the nearest dollar, with the difference being immediately placed into a special savings account. 

Suddenly people who found it hard to save money are building a little nest egg without even having to consciously put money aside … which results in the Bank Of America not only being differentiated from the competition, but also offering consumers a real reason to change their financial organisation, let alone making their existing customers feel they’re with a bank who actually cares about them. Genius!

So next time someone starts blathering on about needing a big idea, don’t just look to the future, have a fresh look at the past – because like that coin you find under the cushions of the sofa – you might just come across an opportunity that is ready-made for launching. [Oh, and if people say they ‘tried that idea years ago and it failed – casually remind them the World has changed since and maybe they were simply ‘ahead of their time’ [they love being complimented, ha!]


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