For Every Action There’s A Reaction!

Here is a picture of Prince Waleed’s US$4.8 million dollar Mercedes. No, it’s not that expensive because he upgraded to the ‘leather package’ … it’s because he is a total show off.

Anyway, we were wondering if this car could prove to be a tipping point for the Mercedes brand?

To explain our point, let’s look at the Bentley brand … 

In the past few years, Bentley enjoyed incredible levels of sales.  When you look for why, you realise much of the growth came from America’s Millionaire Rap Artists deciding it was the car they wanted to be seen in.  However if you jump to today, Bentley are under sever sales pressure … and whilst there are many reasons for it, one of the main ones is that Bentley loyalists [ie: Rich, Anglo-Saxon, Conservatives] don’t want to be associated with the sort of ‘people’ they feel now drive the brand today. [ie: America’s Millionaire Rap Artists]

So here is a brand that has potentially had the rug pulled out from under it by it’s own customers – proving brands are not owned by the companies behind them, but by the people who buy them!

Anyway, back to Merc. 

Well basically our hypothesis is similar to the Bentley scenario.  What would happens if all the Rap Artists saw the ‘bling’ on this Merc and started ordering their own versions?  Could it result in Merc’s long-term customer base [plus all those who aspire to owning a Merc – who lets face it, are probably more into Robbie Williams than N.W.A.] suddenly looking for an alternative brand which they felt was more suited to the values they judged themselves by?

We’re not saying it will happen – but chaos theory is alive and well in marketing circles and stranger things have happened.  Oooooh, we’re so scary!

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