Anti Fast Eating


This is from our friends blog [] but we had to ‘borrow it’ as it is such a great example of powerful, simplistic thinking.

The ’Break-Fast Dog Food Bowl’ was designed to prevent dogs from eating too fast. Apparently, eating quickly is as bad for dogs as it is for humans.

The bowl has three prongs sticking up keeping the dog from snatching up mouthfuls of dry or wet dog food. Not only that, but the base is plastic [it has no rubber] so it slides across the floor as the dog tries to ’dig in’. So sure, the mutt gets really frustrated trying to eat its dinner’, but it ensures the beast stays healthy so it’s a frustration worth paying . Brilliant.

Anyway, we think this is a great idea that can be adapted for humans.

Lets face it, sitting down for dinner can help build a stronger, deeper and richer relationship because you are forced to ‘engage’ with the people you are eating with rather than simply gorging yourself and pissing off at the earliest opportunity.   

The proposition could be: ‘A bloody time consuming meal that gives you time to focus on the important things in life’ with the idea being As Slow As It Gets.  

Could be great. Or crap. But at least it’s sort-of interesting with abit of sense contained somewhere within it.


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