The Power Of Cross Selling


How brilliant is this?

We don't know whether Boots planned it or whether its a fantastic 'accident' – but eitherway, it's a wonderful example of cross-selling, not to mention how to make a customer smile while he/she is shopping.Why there is not more of this is beyond me … I mean, why do so many brands operate within the confines of their category advertising?  Sure, we appreciate some products have strict legislation about how they can advertise, but come on – there's loads of opportunities out there if you are willing to look for them.

Can you imagine how much awareness would be gained if a health company promoted a 'heart condition' medicine during the half-time segments of World Cup Football matches???  It would certainly stand out from all the beer and sport ads currently bombarding us – and it could be made relevant and engaging by explaining that following a team can put incredible pressure on your blood pressure [which is a scientific fact] so it is better to 'be safe than sorry'.

Or what about 'Depend', the incontinence people?  Couldn't they target footie-fans with a message saying their products ensure you never have to nip to the loo during a game?  I tell you what, nothing is more annoying than hearing a massive cheer just as you are 'mid-stream'.

Anyway, they're just a couple of stupid thoughts – but in a World where brands are saying it is harder and harder to differentiate themselves, maybe they should stop thinking interms of their category and start thinking interms of 'cross sell association'.


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