Tragic Exploitation

Visitors Beware! What you’re about to see may be deeply disturbing to you. We advise the fainthearted to leave this site immediately and go to for a more positive perspective on the world.  For the rest of you, read on and be strong.

Alright, none of us are saints. We don’t claim to be. After all, we work in advertising … an industry where the dropouts, misfits and outcasts of society get a second chance in life.  People out there generally don’t associate ethics with the advertising industry or anyone even remotely associated with something that dirty. And judging by the email-below, they have absolutely no reason to.

With thousands of people left homeless and dead in recent natural catastrophes in Indonesia, Malaysia Airlines have the audacity to exploit this tragedy in the worst possible way.  We can’t find the words to express our abhorrence for what they have done. Below is clear evidence of a disgusting ethical crime, which has angered all members of the P.L.F. greatly.

From this moment on, none of our members will ever fly with this airline again. And we will make sure the news of this marketing disaster will spread fast within the creative industry so that other people can follow our example. 

Sure, if challenged, the airline will be able to produce a great defence speech and wiggle their way out of the situation. But that’s beside the point.  To all members of the P.L.F. the true intention behind this mailer is clear.  It stinks. We’re speechless.


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