Rate Me …

To be honest, we don't know whether to rant about this or celebrate it. In theory, it is a brilliant idea – and in Western countries [this was taken in Singapore] it would probably be greatfully received, but in Asia, it all goes a bit mental.

So what are we talking about?

Well at every food establishment in the country, there is a card like this prominantly on display. 

The card represents the 'Cleanliness & Food Hygiene' standard of the establishment – with a rating of 'A' [super clean] right through to 'D' [hello salmonella!]

Now whilst a lot of Westerners would only wish to frequent at places with an 'A' rating – in Asia, it's all about the 'taste experience' – so it doesn't matter whether the place was rated '-ZZZZZ', if they thought the food tasted great [probably thanks to the cockroach and rat droppings in it] people would still flock in their hundreds each and every day.

Now we know Singapore has been 'tailored' to be acceptable with the ex-pat crowd [so the rating sort-of helps] … but in the great scheme of things, if the majority of people don't give a toss if the 'chef' is covered in blood and standing in a pit of crap as long as his 'Pig Organ' soup tastes yummy, what is the point of going around to every 'restaurant' issuing them a rating?

As we said, we don't know whether to rant about this or celebrate it – but eitherway, it is worthy of 'bringing to people's attention' so you tell us what you think.


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