Consumers Have A Brain

Check this clip out … … it was broadcast today across Australia and is totally genuine.  As far as we're concerned, he is a hero!  No, not because he is soldier trying to restore peace in East Timor … but because he stopped an Australian News Network trying to manipulate viewers into believing the terrible situation in East Timor was worse than it already was.

Our point is that whilst theatrics can 'add' to the effect of what you say – without a foundation of truth, all you are doing is giving people reasons why they should never engage you.  Times have changed … people forge their opinions from many channels, not just from ads … so if you are not 'living your claims', you'll not only be quickly discovered, but also quickly discarded.

One of the things an agency called cynic promoted, was 'Unplanning' … where you embraced brand truth, warts 'n' all – even if the consumer perception was negative.

By dealing in facts, they felt you could connect with consumers based on a pre-existing perception of the brand, and then, by re-shaping how they looked at that fact, they could achieve brand engagement and sales results because suddenly consumers saw things with a fresh perspective.  Of course they didn't advocate this philosophy all the time – it depended on what the client was trying to achieve and the market they were operating in [not to mention the need for great creative to pull the whole thing together] – but what we do know is that Scalextric, Super Noodles, Tango, Skoda and Virgin to name but a few, all achieved far greater results when they embraced 'truth' rather than focus on 'theatrics' to spice up a marketing idea that in reality, wasn't that motivating for consumers.

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