Creative Boredom

Recently I was asked to participate in a creative session run by a research company [oxymoron anyone?] and without doubt, my favourite bit was when they asked all the participants to put on a KKK hat because – according to them – it would help us start to think like consumers.

I have no reason why they believed putting on a paper hat would help us [and we certainly weren't targeting racists] but there we were, looking like a bunch of tossers which is best exemplified by this piccie showing, I think it is fair to say, a seriously disinterested person.

No wonder so many brands act the way they do when this goes on – and it begs this question, what the hell is research doing if they need the clients to think like a consumer???

This sort of thing really pisses me off and it's about as creative as a lounge pianist in a Blackpool resort [out of season] who plays Take That covers every night on a casio keyboard – with bosa nova beat.  People already think marketing and advertising is full of tossers – with this sort of thing going on, I'm inclined to agree!


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