We All Need A Little More Sunshine In Our Lives


Here is another great example of 'packaging' that is incredibly engaging.

Sure, both of the characters are relatively simplistic [and yes, they've been specifically designed to appeal to kids so they're hardly going to be alienating] … however, even if I hadn't seen them on Sesame Street, I'd still have a pretty good idea of their personalities – simply because Bert [or is it Ernie, I can never remember] has a monobrow, which immediately makes him the uptight one whilst Ernie [or Bert] has a happy-go-lucky, puppy dog face which immediately sets him up as the lovely, but dim one. Genius.

Yet another example of how the little things can make the biggest difference to consumer perception and engagement and yet so many companies – for all their so called knowledge – forget this time and time again – leaving existing and potential consumers cold, uninterested and downright bored.


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