It’s A Mad, Bad [Brand] World

How come companies call their products names like 'Beautiful' or 'Seduction'?  Are the people who buy them so insecure they need to associate with brands that tell them what they'd liike to hear?

It's happening everywhere … even Mercedes Benz got in on the act calling their BOTTOM OF THE RANGE car, Elegance.  Come on, it's not elegant, it's a boxy 1980's German taxi. Infact the only thing that looks elegant is the car dealer who flogged one to a couple who now think they're 'upper class' when in reality all it has done is highlight just how middle class they really are!!!

Where is it going to end?  What are we going to see next?

– Get Laid Aftershave For Men?

– The New Porsche Fanny Magnet?

– I'm Not Fat, I'm Big Boned Eau de Toilette?

Look, I'm all for brands creating an image/identity (hell, that's what I'm paid to do!) but when someone is as blatant as this, I can't work out who is the more disturbed … the manufacturer for coming up with it or the customer for buying it?

If you ever want to make one of these people see the folly of their ways, just ask them what car they own or what perfume they are wearing and then sit back and watch them cringe as they say "Elegance" or "Beautiful" …

Mean?  Well, I never said I was nice did I!!!  Guess this all links in with my view that people are seemingly more and more unhappy with their 'lot in life' but it could be that I am just ranting, it has been known.

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